Are you over 50 and Unemployed, Underemployed or a Pensioner? We can help you. Don't wait until you're destitute or risking Homelessness. Join us now!

W.O.W! offers emotional and practical support to mature-aged unemployed and underemployed workers and their families. we also assist mature-aged people who receive a Pension.

Please contact us if you need help.


  • Fortnightly food hampers - helping you save money so you can pay bills
  • Financial and Debt Advocacy (not advice)
  • Centrelink Advocacy
  • Advice of the services available in your area
  • Job-ready seminars, workshops and courses
  • Resume and Cover Letters - referrals for assistance
  • Social functions
  • Tickets to shows and events
  • Plus more

W.O.W! believes in Keeping The Skills Chain Intact so we encourage employers to implement a Mentoring Programme. By employing a mature-aged and a younger worker in a job sharing capacity, they achieve a two-way sharing of vital skills.


All Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible.

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Regular donation:
To donate goods or services, please contact us directly on 0477 479 191 or via this website.

Thank you for caring.

Willing Older Workers W.O.W! Incorporated [ABN 81 6806 55198] is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)


  • 23 October at 12:54 from facebook

    Thanks to the Daily Liberal for this article.

  • 23 October at 11:34 from facebook

    W.O.W! has been trying to find a hoe for a woman who has a doctor's letter saying that her dog is needed for her health (physical and mental) but it's been a futile search. She's been living in her ca

  • 21 October at 17:44 from facebook

    Eleora & Evans are happily riding their bikes to the park today. Variety Vic and their kind sponsors gave both these children (and many others) brand new bikes and helmets. These photos were taken

  • 17 October at 22:19 from facebook

    Thanks, Insight, for this programme.

  • 17 October at 21:55 from facebook

    Howard King confounded W.O.W! because he wanted to help others who were experiencing the same challenges. Years later he's still reaching out to others. Well spoken, Howard.


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