• Can you please help us?

    21 August at 14:02 from atlas

    W.O.W! is still looking for office space.
    We have to vacate the room we've been using at AMCS soon, because they need it for their new employee. We really appreciate having had access to free office space because, while we do great work, we have not been able to get funding to pay for rent, phone and internet services.

    If we can't find a generous benefactor soon, we'll move the office back to my lounge room. This glitch won't stop W.O.W! because sadly the need for our services keeps growing. It will make it harder though.  

    If you know anyone who has a spare room we could use, that is easily accessible by public transport, please let us know.
    And please let your state and federal politicians and the media know of our need for either a free office space or funding to pay rent.
    Thanks for caring.

    Marilyn King
    Volunteer President


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