• Our Free Food Programme is Flourishing

    25 June at 13:03 from atlas

    Every Friday we get a delivery of delicious fruit and vegetables. Thanks to SecondBite, we can now help our Melbourne members in a very practical way.

    This is not charity, but a chance for us to help our members. Money saved on food can be used to pay other bills.
    Members will be able to pick up parcels of food from our President's home in West Footscray.
    Some members are setting up a roster system to collect food for all members in their area.
    To register for this wonderful help, please send an email to Marilyn King at wow.marilyn@gmail.com with "Free Food Programme" as the Subject, including your name, number of adults and children in your family and your suburb. Or phone or text information to 0477 479 191.
    Please indicate if you would like to assist with the roster. If you know other mature-aged, unemployed people, please encourage them to join W.O.W! so we may help them.


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